Logo Design Portfolio Showcase

I offer professional logo design services with a focus on simplicity and clarity.
My approach is to create logos that are memorable and effective at representing your brand’s identity.
With a background in various design styles, I ensure that each logo I create is tailored to the client’s specifications and communicates the intended message.
My portfolio showcases a variety of logos that demonstrate my ability to adapt to different brand needs.
If you’re looking for a logo that stands out and aligns with your brand vision, I’m here to help.

Designing fresh and interesting branding starts with research and competitor analysis and ends with finalizing the design. The typical steps in the logo design process are:


Logo design is the process of creating a visual representation of a brand or organization. It involves designing a unique symbol, icon, or typography that can be easily recognizable and associated with the company or product.

Research & brainstorming

The design process typically begins with research and brainstorming, where designers gather information about the brand, its values, target audience, and competition. Based on this information, I create sketches and prototypes to explore different ideas and concepts.

Design ideation

Once the initial design concepts are refined and selected, I will create digital versions of the logo using specialized software such as Adobe Illustrator. I will experiment with different colour schemes, typography, and graphic elements until the final design is achieved.

Finalising the logo

The final logo design should be simple, memorable, and versatile enough to work across various platforms and media, such as websites, social media, business cards, and signage. It should communicate the essence of the brand and evoke positive emotions in the viewer, helping to create a strong brand identity and customer loyalty.